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Goose Control and Goose Management - Handlers Course / Sales


    Bye Bye Birdie Goose Control and Goose Management Services offers a course that is mandatory for anyone which purchases a working dog from us.

    We also offer it to other Goose Control and Goose Management Company's for staff training. Enrollments can stay in the Bed and Breakfast while attending.

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  • Training

    Goose dogs and their handlers require training and then constant maintenance of their training skills. Since each dog must be individually trained, there are many companies and individuals in the business, with many different training methods. It is possible to just get a dog and turn it loose on the geese, but this method is not a very good plan and possibly a worse outcome.

    Some dogs are trained to varying degrees and then sold outright to land owners. The support of training the new owner in handling the dog varies also. There is certainly the potential for a situation abusive to the Canada goose, ineffective at goose control and goose management, and even fatal to the dog. The same dog that will safely perform herding tasks when properly trained and handled can become a predator if left to simply chase the birds. This is not a situation anyone wants to see happen.

    The public supports this method of managing the problem of the Canada goose overpopulating properties. A goose dog working a property can even bring beneficial publicity for a business. Most Dogs enjoy their job.

    The geese worry that a predator is after them, but the dog never touches them — they are free to leave.

  • A Working Dog Is A Happy Dog

    Working Canada geese is a great job for a Border Collie or a Golden Retriever. It's a useful way to keep a good dog out of trouble from boredom. Typically the dogs are first trained and proven in sheepdog trials, which they love. Dogs learn their commands by voice and by whistle for noisy environments such as airports.

    Border Collies work without barking, which is considerate for neighbors in the urban areas. When necessary, the dog pursues geese into the water. The dog is a consummate actor. Convincing the livestock (the Canada geese in this case) that the dog's presence poses a risk from a predator. A fox, coyote, or wolf.

    A goose dog must cope with necessary transport to the job site, such as riding in a golf cart. The dog must be calm and under control. It cannot behave in ways dangerous to the public, or be distracted from it's job, It must not be overly sociable with onlookers. Of course the work has to be done off-leash, and the dog must stay in the bounds of the property. As in any job the unexpected will happen also, and dog and handler must be ready for any situation.

    With a huge and growing population of the Canada Goose, there will be plenty of work for goose dogs and their handlers in the foreseeable future. If you love dog training and workaholic Border Collies and Golden's, this might be a job for you, part-time or full-time. When you head out to work you can tell people you and your dog are going off on a wild goose chase !


    Owning your own dog is the most cost effective form of goose control and goose management, however it is a serious commitment. Bye Bye Birdie offers the service of finding a trained dog elsewhere when we do not have any of our own available. There is a fee associated with the cost of the dog and this service, but you can be assured we will have found you a successful new goose dog.

    Len - Master Goose Control Dog

    Len is a Border Collie, he works full time as a goose control dog and is an incredible worker! Len is fully trained at Sheep Herding and is amazing to watch work. He has a wonderful temperament and loves people! Len has made an amazing addition to our Goose Control and Goose Management Company.

    Len is now spending his days keeping the Deerhurst Inn goose free!

    Len - Master Goose Control Dog

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